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Our Founders

Charlotte (Charlie) Bell and Ramla Chaudhry founded 2020 Behavior, LLC in 2018. With 35 years of combined experience in the field of ABA, 2020 Behavior, LLC was created with the goal of breaking away from the traditional 2-3 tiered ABA model and offering a one-of-a-kind service to families in the Bay Area.

Charlie and Ramla handpick only the very best BCBAs and take pride in maintaining a small, close-knit, and friendly company, with BCBAs who are trauma-informed, dynamic, creative and compassionate.

2020 founders

Charlotte (Charlie) Bell, MA, BCBA

Charlie Bell, MA, BCBA is co-founder at 2020 Behavior, LLC.

Charlie has over 19 years of experience in the field of ABA. Prior to founding 2020 Behavior, LLC Charlie worked within schools, clinics and home settings in Los Angeles, Raleigh, London, Sydney and Singapore. Until 2017 Charlie was based in Singapore where she managed her own practice and worked with families across SE Asia, providing direct services, parent training, supervision, school consultation, social skills training and international consultation to clients with ASD and related disorders.

Originally from the UK, Charlie has a Masters in Psychology from the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) and holds a post-graduate certification in Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology.

Charlie brings warmth, humor and creativity into her practice. Charlie specializes in Early Intervention and Verbal Behavior.

Ramla Chaudhry, MA

Ramla Chaudhry, MA is co-founder and Director of Services at 2020 Behavior, LLC.

Ramla has 16 years of experience in the field of ABA. Prior to 2020 Behavior, Ramla worked within schools and home settings in Milpitas, Los Altos, San Jose, and Monterey. 

Ramla has a Masters in Human Behavior.

Ramla is passionate about providing best practice for the 2020 Behavior families, as well as providing a supportive and collaborative environment for our BCBAs.

the 2020 team:


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Michelle Herrejon

Michelle Herrejon, M.Ed BCBA, has experience working with children 18 months to 16 years old with ASD in the home and school setting. She has had the opportunity to provide ABA to students with a variety of conditions ranging from intellectual disabilities, emotional disturbance, oppositional defiance, and trauma in a school setting. Michelle strives to support families and learners by teaching behaviors that are functional and significant. She enjoys getting to individualize programs to best meet learner’s needs and enhance their quality of life.

Ashley Jackowski

Ashley Jackowski, MA, BCBA has experience providing ABA as a behavioral therapist, program supervisor, and a clinical manager for ABA agencies in the East Bay Area of Northern California. 

Her favorite aspects of ABA include improving socially significant behaviors, providing inclusive and collaborative services with other professionals, and utilizing clinically effective assessment tools to help drive treatment. She also has a passion for family education and understands how crucial and imperative parent/caregiver training is for the generalization and maintenance of skills. 

She enjoys working with families primarily within their home and looks forward to providing treatment at a level that allows for the most direct support.  

Hagop Rouchanian

Hagop Rouchanian, MA, BCBA has experience providing Applied Behavior Analysis as a behavioral therapist, associate clinician, clinical manager, and division training coordinator for ABA agencies in the Peninsula and San Francisco Region of Northern California. 

Hagop has provided ABA services in homes, schools, clinics and community settings for individuals diagnosed with autism ranging between the ages of 18 months to 28 years old. Hagop targets socially significant behaviors through observation and assessment tools and applies individualized, high quality, effective, and evidence based behavior analytic principles to bring forth meaningful changes. He recognizes that families are essential team members of the treatment team therefore he thoroughly enjoys disseminating behavior change principles and behavior change tactics to ensure families are equipped with the necessary tools for successful outcomes and generalization of skills outside the treatment setting.

When not at work, Hagop enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, and playing basketball. 

Kinga Wołos-Zachmeier

Kinga Wołos-Zachmeier, MA, BCBA is originally from Poland and has had the pleasure of working with children, teenagers and adults with autism in a variety of settings, including home, schools and clinics. She practiced ABA in Indiana before moving to California. Most recently Kinga served as Clinical Director at a school specializing in supporting students with behavioral challenges. 

Kinga is passionate about behavior analysis and she finds clients’ progress to be the most rewarding and motivating aspect of her work. She focuses on what clients can do instead of their deficits and helps them build up skills to reach their full potential. Kinga considers parent training to be an essential component of every successful intervention. 

Aside from ABA, Kinga enjoys travelling, learning about different cultures and hiking. She recently began to foster kittens. 

Kellie Bohlke

Kellie Bohlke, MA, BCBA, has experience with ABA and educational services to individuals ages 2-18 in schools, homes, and clinics in the Bay Area. She is passionate about using her background in Elementary Education and expertise in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis to help learner’s develop skills that build upon their strengths. Prior to joining 2020 Behavior, Kellie worked as a Lead Teacher, and then as the Clinical Director, for a non-public school serving students in need of intensive behavioral support and individualized educational programs. Her particular expertise includes teaching self-management, functional communication, social skills, and providing support to families and staff to encourage collaborative, learner-centered programs. Kellie is originally from Minnesota and enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, dancing, biking, and reading. 

Chelsea VonDeisenroth

Chelsea vonDeisenroth, MA, BCBA, grew up in the Bay Area and earned her Bachelor’s degrees in psychology and sociology at the University of Oregon. She then attained her Masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at Ball State University. 

Chelsea most recently worked as a clinician at an ABA company in San Jose, where she assessed and treated infants, children, and teenagers that had been diagnosed with various developmental disabilities. She especially enjoys helping her clients improve their independent living capabilities by enhancing their social, communication, and adaptive skills. 

Besides ABA, Chelsea likes spending time with her family and friends. While she doesn’t have any pets of her own, she loves animals and she seizes every opportunity to pet dogs as they pass her on the sidewalk. She also enjoys hiking, exploring, doing yoga, and tending to her plants. 

Samantha Crisologo

Samantha Crisologo, M.Ed., BCBA has experience working with children and adolescents with autism in various settings, including home, community, schools, and clinics.  She has experience providing Applied Behavior Analysis as a behavior technician, case manager, behavior supervisor and clinical director for ABA agencies in the Sacramento and San Jose areas.  

While in college, she became a behavior technician (per her brother’s recommendation) and fell in love with ABA.  Upon graduating, she decided to pursue a career and later became a BCBA.  She enjoys using her expertise and skills to teach functional skills to promote independence and generalization.  Her main areas of interest include verbal behavior, social skills, and independent living skills.

In her free time, Samantha enjoys hanging out with her dog, Nala, and her husband.  She also enjoys creating nail art, spending time with her family and friends, and listening to/watching true crime.

Sean Blumberg

Sean Blumberg, M.A., BCBA is a Bay Area native; he has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of individuals with disabilities across many different clinical settings. Sean firmly believes that collaboration is the key to success in ABA and works hard to engage parents, family members, teachers, doctors, specialists, and other community stakeholders in treatment planning and intervention.

Sean is also passionate about spreading quality science and devotes a lot of energy to creating educational resources for parents and teachers, conducting clinical research, and mentoring budding clinicians.

Outside of work, Sean really enjoys biking, hiking, cooking, travel, petting every dog, and nature photography.

Marina Contreras

Marina Contreras, MA, BCBA is from Texas and has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults diagnosed with autism and intellectual disabilities.  She first found ABA while coaching an inclusion gymnastics class in Austin, Texas. She fell in love with the science behind teaching young learners to play and interact with their peers.  Her main areas of interest include verbal behavior, social skills, and independent daily living skills. She is passionate about bridging gaps in skill acquisition in a thoughtful way to promote independence and generalization. 

Marina received her Masters in Special Education with Concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis. She lives in Palo Alto with her husband and cat named Oliver Meow. She enjoys yoga, hiking, camping, watching the Texas Longhorns, and reading.

Ashley Lara

Ashley Lara, M.Ed., BCBA relocated from Austin, TX to the Bay Area in October 2017. Her experience includes case management for children as young as 18 months as well as adults. Ashley began working in the field of ABA after being a respite provider for a young boy with Autism. A special area of interest for Ashley is working with families who are new to ABA and autism, teaching functional strategies that will work in day to day life.

Ashley enjoys hiking, paddleboarding, reading, and cuddling with her dog, Daisy, in her spare time. She continues to mentor graduate students in the field when her schedule allows. 

Ethan Lin

Ethan Lin, M.Ed, BCBA is a Bay Area native growing up in Cupertino. He discovered a passion for ABA when he started as a Behavior Therapist in his first job out of college. He has since received his Master’s in Special Education Early Childhood Education from Vanderbilt University and his BCBA certification.

 Ethan has experience working with toddlers, children, and young adults in home, center, and school-based settings. He loves using his skills and expertise to teach children of all ages new and functional skills to reach their highest potential. Besides that, he also loves to work with families of all backgrounds and to provide parent training.

In his free time, Ethan enjoys cooking, being outdoors, and having a good laugh. You can also find him playing sports, video games, and board games with friends and family.

Shannon Durand

Shannon Durand, M.Ed., BCBA moved to the Bay Area from Central Texas in December 2010 with her husband and three children.  She has worked with children and young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Shannon has worked primarily in the home and school settings, and specializes in working with young children in early intervention.  She also really enjoys teaching functional skills that lead to an individual’s greater independence which include increasing functional communication, using the toilet independently, eating a variety of foods, dressing oneself, etc.

Most recently Shannon has been a preschool teacher in an inclusive ABA-based classroom, and has provided additional supports to those students and families in the program with autism and other delays and disabilities.  She is happiest when working directly with children and their families!

Caitlin Manning

Caitlin Manning, M.A., BCBA is originally from New Hampshire and has experience working in the mental and behavioral health fields. Caitlin has worked with early intervention clients, children, young adults, and adolescents in a variety of settings including home-based and school-based programs. She has practiced ABA in the greater Santa Cruz County area and practiced as a mental health clinician in Illinois prior to moving to California. 
Caitlin is eager to support families using ABA and is passionate about collaborating with families and clients to find the most valuable and supportive approach possible. She values working as a team, focusing on the client & family strengths and determining functional and supportive goals. Caitlin strives to provide an empathic approach to ABA therapy. 
Caitlin believes that a commitment to parent training, supportive therapy, open communication, and evidence-based practices can skyrocket families to create the significant change which they are seeking. 
In her free time, Caitlin enjoys playing guitar and ukulele on the beach, snuggling with her dog, exploring the California coast on her bike. 

Anna Alinea

Anna Alinea, MA, BCBA, has worked with individuals with autism ranging from 2-25 years old, implementing treatment goals in the client’s home, community, and school setting. She has most recently practiced as BCBA Clinical Supervisor, where she managed and trained multiple Behavior Technicians and designed treatment plans. She holds a Masters in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis, as well as a PEERS certificate for adolescents.

Anna values evidenced-based treatments and collaborating with a multidisciplinary team. She is passionate about parent training, spreading knowledge of ABA principles, and supporting her clients ethically and effectively.

Chelsea Sioxson Laxa (Executive Administrator)

Chelsea Sioxson Laxa, MA, BCBA originally served as a respite caregiver, then earned her masters degree in Special Education with a focus in early childhood. Chelsea has experience in school, clinic & in-home settings and has a special interest in leadership, diversity & inclusion. 

When she isn’t wearing her BCBA hat, Chelsea is the Executive Director and founder of a nonprofit that provides inclusive dance classes. She and her husband also run a travel blog that caters to other couples who enjoy vacationing on a budget! On her rare days off, you can find Chelsea laying in her hammock listening to true crime podcasts with her puppy next to her.

Raees Qadir (Invoice Administrator)

Raees is a lifelong native of San Jose, CA and is currently studying statistics. Raees enjoys spending time with family, travelling, and playing sports with his friends. Raees teaches Middle Eastern History to 9 and 10 year olds and is very active in his religious youth group. Raees also enjoys playing baseball in his free time.

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